30 Second Web Video Ads and Exxon

Missy and I tend to watch quite a few videos on the web, mostly on CNN and MSNBC, but also YouTube and FunnyOrDie. I don’t mind short commercials before watching a video, I understand this is how these companies pay for it. What I don’t like is the new standard, 30-second commercials, just like on TV.

I don’t like watching a 30 second commercial before a 17 second video clip, or being shown the same commercial over and over again between several different clips. It is annoying as hell, and I just end up not watching the video, or the commercial.

Last night I saw the best, total bullshit, commercial I have ever seen. I was trying to view a video from CNN or MSNBC, I forgot which one, and Exxon had a commercial about how they care about the common man, care about our economy, blah blah blah.

Now this would have been funny enough on it’s own, because anyone with half a brain knows that Exxon doesn’t give a shit about anything except profits (people, environment, etc), but the video I was going to watch was about how Exxon just set record profits for the last quarter, over $15 billion!

Gee, thanks Exxon. Our nations economy is in the shitter mostly because of companies just like you, and you have the balls to run an ad claiming otherwise just before a news report about your record profits? Do you really think we are all that stupid?

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