4 Hours Until Closing…

But who’s keeping track? 🙂 Today should be a very good day, we are buying our house in just over 4 hours. Nothing can wrong at this point, right? I thought I would not be able to sleep last night, but thankfully I was wrong and slept like a rock. I feel good this morning, better than I have felt in a week and energized, ready to tackle the construction and moving. I have a few loose ends to tie off at Workflow.com this morning and will then have until next Wednesday off work to do our stuff.

My dad should be on his way up here from Western Kentucky, tools in hand. Our friend June and her daughter Renee are coming over after work and Saturday to help, and Missy’s brother Josh is also going to come down Saturday to help, presumably with the drywall. All of the cables, wiring and computer stuff I needed did in fact arrive yesterday from CablesForLess and NewEgg. I got the cashiers check for closing, the $100 for Lucille to buy the pool table from her, and Bug and I went to the hardware store to pick out a few last minute things last night. Knowing my access to my computer and Internet will be limited, I already paid all of the upcoming bills and made sure the checkbook was in balance. We had so much time to spare, we even went swimming for 30 minutes last night.

Bug and I also bought a new mailbox and stickers to put our name on it. The mailbox that is at the house now is old and says “Grosse”. Nothing stakes your claim to a place like replacing their mailbox with your own 🙂

I did visit the house yesterday to check on the status of the roof repairs. Something has been done, there was new tar on the roof, but I could not tell if the rotted plywood underneath was actually replaced. I have not yet heard from my realtor about a final walk-through, but at this point it doesn’t matter. If the plywood was not replaced, I will do it myself, I am not that afraid of heights.

We did have a minor scare earlier in the week when I received the final HUD settlement document. The numbers did not seem to add up. In a panic, I emailed our mortgage broker, Jules Stewart at iFreedom Direct, and she immediately called me back. There was actually no problem at all, and we verified this in Excel, just the layout of the form is confusing. She has been absolutely wonderful to work with, THANKS JULES! I highly recommend anyone considering either an FHA or VA mortgage to give her a call (800.891.5785 x6624 or 801.682.9907). Jules is also good for entertaining stories and Zen-like precision and thoughtfulness.

Well, that’s all for now. Missy and I will soon be homeowners and I will be posting updates to the blog as time allows during the construction and move. Kind of like HGTV, but in our own home 🙂

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