51 Hours and Counting

We will be homeowners in 51 hours, but who’s keeping track? 🙂

I made it back from Cleveland, just barely thanks to Continental Airlines. They suck, scaled back so much they had no pilots in Cleveland to fly the plane to Madison and had to fly some in from New York, making me about 4 hours late getting home. After a fun but tiring weekend in Cleveland, I was hardly in the mood for airline delays, but what can you do.

Missy and I purchased almost everything we need to complete the basement construction project yesterday, and will have a huge load of materials delivered by UBC to the house on Friday morning. I had some down-time in Cleveland Sunday waiting for the plane, so I did manage to get all the utilities changed over, or scheduled to be changed.

We are still waiting on the final settlement documents, but were told that they may not be ready until the morning of closing, Thursday. Should be getting real busy here soon, but will be a lot of fun as well. The movers will be here next Monday, so I will be able to concentrate on the office construction with my dad Friday through Monday, which should be enough time.

When I get back to work next Wednesday, it will be major push mode for about 2-3 weeks while a major portion of my code gets certification. Having my new office will make a huge difference I am quite certain, and it will be super nice if we actually get it completed while my dad is here.

Also, don’t drink a huge variety of local microbrewery beers at Rocky River Brewing Company in Cleveland. Don’t ask me how I know, just don’t do it.

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