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Works with Garmin Connect
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RunAnalyzer is a program for analyzing data captured by, and downloaded from, Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, and Fitbit. If you are runner, like me, that use fitness trackers to track your runs, but feel a little like the online and mobile tools they provide don't let you dig deep enough into your run data, this software may be just what you are looking for! This also allows you to maintain control of your data, storing it on your computer, and protecting you from vendors changing their data access rules, going out of business, or not updating or enhancing their products.

RunAnalyzer lets you view and analyze the data gathered by your fitness tracker while you were running, and provides charts and maps to graphically display each run. But it goes a lot further than that! It shows each segment of your run, the data points the trackers log about every 1-6 seconds. By highlighting a range of these segments in RunAnalyzer, the charts and maps update to only show information for the selected portion of the run. This lets you see detailed performance information for the segments of the run you care about, such as time or distance intervals, and exclude warm up and cool down periods, or slow parts at the beginning of a 5K when you were in a huge pack of people. You can easily see how your performance changed in relation to elevation, distance, and time.

RunAnalyzer does not have any way to enter run information (you can add a run name or notes), all data must be provided by downloading your data from the vendor of your fitness tracker. RunAnalyzer provides links and information on doing this during import operations.

For best results, I highly recommend using Garmin watches, trackers, and heart rate monitors, as well as their Connect software and services. Simply put, their products accurately track and export the most data, the best data, and represent the "best in class" trackers for runners at all levels. In addition, Garmin excels in allowing you to export run data quickly, efficiently, and in the best format (Training Center TCX), without jumping through hoops or requiring multiple steps to get your data.

If you are migrating to Garmin from RunKeeper or Fitbit, this software is also excellent as a tool to move your old run data to Garmin. Simply import your data from RunKeeper or Fitbit, and then export it to the Garmin Training Center (TCX) format. Once exported from RunAnalyzer, multiple (even hundreds) of runs can be uploaded and imported into Garmin Connect using their web-based tool.

Like all of my software, RunAnalyzer is not digitally signed because of the cost associated with doing so for free software. You may receive a warning that this software is from an unknown publisher during installation. The software is safe to install as long as you download it from this website.

Click Here to Download RunAnalyzer. RunAnalyzer requires at least Microsoft Windows 10 and the Microsoft .NET Core runtime. You probably already have this on your computer. If not you will be prompted to download and install it when RunAnalyzer is launched for the first time.

Garmin Connect Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of Garmin Connect and think they provide the best trackers, software, and services for runners. I am not associated in any way, other than being a customer, with Garmin. Garmin Connect is © 1996-2023 Garmin Ltd. at the time this website was published.
RunKeeper Disclaimer: I am a user of RunKeeper and think they provide decent tools and services, but I am not associated in any way, other than being a customer, with RunKeeper, RunKeeper.com, or ASICS shoes. RunKeeper and ASICS are © 2022 ASICS at the time this website was published.
Fitbit Disclaimer: I previously used Fitbit for many years and still believe they provide acceptable tools and services, but I am not associated in any way, other than being a customer, with Fitbit or Fitbit.com. Fitbit is © 2023 Fitbit, Inc. at the time this website was published.