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CrashDraw is a very easy to use program for drawing vehicle crashes. It is intended primarily for police officers needing to quickly and accurately sketch collision details for their reports. CrashDraw is a free program (donations are appreciated!) that may appeal mostly to smaller departments that do not have the budget or are unable to train their officers to use the large, complex, and expensive crash reconstruction software that is available on the market.

To be clear, CrashDraw is not a replacement for high-end accident drawing software. It was designed and developed by a police officer, who is also a software engineer, to replace generic drawing programs with one specialized to render relatively simple crash scenes. It is very quick to learn and use, and takes a lot of pain out of creating these images for crash reports.

Like all of my software, CrashDraw is not digitally signed because of the cost associated with doing so for free software. You may receive a warning that this software is from an unknown publisher during installation. The software is safe to install as long as you download it from this website.

Click Here to Download CrashDraw. CrashDraw requires at least Microsoft Windows 10 and the Microsoft .NET Core runtime. You probably already have this on your computer. If not you will be prompted to download and install it when CrashDraw is launched for the first time.