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Build Your Own GlassPack
This is the definitive guide on how to build your own GlassPack system. This manual will include information on hardware assembly and software installation. The format is simple: Follow the links below, in the order specified, and you will quickly be able to order the components and build your own GlassPack avionics system. Please contact Todd Osborne for information on ordering products or services not available through Amazon.
Step 1 - Order/Build GlassPack Custom Hardware
  • Required: 16GB Micro-SD memory chip preloaded with GlassPack Software. This includes free upgrades (mail-in exchange) for the life of the product, even if it changes owners. This is a required item for all GlassPack systems, and requires a liability waiver be signed and on file before delivery.
  • Our Basic Kit includes the 3D Printed Sensor Mounting Plate, Main Computer Mounting Plate, GlassPack Controller Board, 5 sensor connectors, (2) 4.7k resistors, a 40-pin connector, and the screws, wiring, and connectors required for assembly. If you would rather print or customize either of the mounting plates, the links above will take you to the respective models on TinkerCad.
    + $100.
  • Option 1 includes everything from the Basic Kit plus a pre-programmed GPS Receiver, GPS Antenna + Adapter, Absolute Orientation Sensor, and the Barometric Pressure/Temperature Sensor.
    + $150
  • Option 2 (Ready-To-Install) includes everything from the Basic Kit and Option 1, plus the Raspberry Pi Main Computer, Teensy 3.2 Microcontroller, DC-DC Converter, and all labor to completely assemble and test the GlassPack system. You will receive your hardware and software in a ready-to-install state.
    + $300
Step 2 - Order Commodity Parts
It is not our intent to make money by marking up common and easily obtainable sensors or other parts required to build a GlassPack system. As such, the following required components are available directly from our recommended vendor, Amazon.com. Note: We do receive a small referal fee from Amazon for anything purchased through these links and would very much appreciate you using them to help with the development and improvement of GlassPack.

Computers and Microcontrollers Sensors and Related Parts Electronics Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Etc. (You may already have these) Tools (You may already have these)
Step 3 - Assemble the Hardware
Follow the instructions in our Hardware Photo Assembly Guide to properly assemble the GlassPack hardware.