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GlassPack Hardware Assembly
This photo assembly guide is provided to assist builders when building their own GlassPack hardware. Click any image to view the full-size photograph.
Step 1 - Familiarization
This is the sensor mounting plate, which also serves as the main mounting point for the main computer and GlassPack Controller board.
Step 2 - Mounting the Orientation Sensor
The Bosch BNO055 orientation sensor is mounted first using 4 M2x6 silver screws. These are very small screws and need only be installed snug, not tight. It is very important that this sensor be mounted in the direction shown, with the wires closest to the right edge of the mounting plate.
Step 3 - Mounting the GPS Receiver
The U-Blox M8N GPS receiver is mounted using 4 M3x6 black screws on the left side of the mounting plate. Again, the screws are small and only need to be snug, not tight. This image shows the external antenna adapter already connected near the bottom. While not sensitive to mounting orientation, it is recommended that the GPS be installed as shown, with the wires near the top of the mounting plate.
Step 4 - Mounting the Barometric Pressure/Temperature Sensor
The Bosch BME280 barometric pressure and temperature sensor is mounted using 1 M3x6 black screw in the cutout box in the upper-right corner of the sensor mouning plate. This sensor has a small hole in its metal case, highlighted in the photo, which you should never touch or allow to come into contact with dirt or debris. This could clog the sensor, resulting in incorrect data.
Step 5 - So Far...
This is what the assembly should like, so far.
Step 6 - Prepare Main Computer Mounting Plate
Locate the Main Computer Mounting Plate and position it as shown, with the memory card retainer on the right edge of the mounting plate. No screws are used at this point.
Step 7 - Install Memory Card in Main Computer
Install the Micro-SD memory card in the main computer. These cards are very small and fragile and care must be taken to make sure it is fully seated in the slot. It will be securely held in place by the retainer in the next step.
Step 8 - Install Main Computer
Place the main computer on top of the computer mounting plate and then put both on top of the sensor mounting plate (the base). Secure with 4 black M3x10 screws. Again, these screws only need to be snug, not tight. Make sure the Micro-SD memory card is retained properly by the clip, they should be almost touching each other.
Step 9 - Controller Board Soldering
Locate the GlassPack Controller Board. If not already done, solder the 40-pin connector and microcontroller to the controller board. When soldering the microcontroller, be careful not to allow too much heat to build up while soldering the pins. Solder each pin and allow to cool for a few seconds before moving to the next pin. Solder the 2 4.7k pullup resistors where shown. The orientation of resistors does not matter. Install and solder as many of the white Grove (sensor) connectors as you desire. You will need at least 3 of them, and their locations are outlined in white on the circuit board. The only one that is required to be in a specific location is the GPS. It is recommended that you install 6 of these connectors in the locations shown. Presently, the only connectors used are those that are installed horizontally along the top of the board. The vertical connectors on the right are not currently used.
Step 10 - Wiring and Standoffs
Install 2 black nylon standoffs in the corners opposite the 40-pin connector. These are installed from the bottom and secured on the top using 2 nylon nuts. Solder the black (ground) wire from the DC-DC Converter to any of the ground connections shown. Ground connectors are grouped together, as shown, in the upper-left corner of this photo. Solder the red wire to any of the open connectors around the perimeter of the controller board marked '5V RAIL'. The wires to solder from the DC-DC Converter are those on the right side of the converter shown, that is, the OUT 5V/3A MAX wires. This converter allows input of 8 to 50 volts and outputs 5 volts at up to 3 amps. When installed in your aircraft, the DC-DC Converter should be installed several feet from the GlassPack computers to prevent any magnetic interference.
Step 11 - Final Assembly
Position the GlassPack Controller board on top of the main computer. Align the 40-pin connector with the header pins on the computer and gently press them together. This will form a strong connection.
Step 12 - Connect the GPS Receiver
Connect the wires from the GPS Receiver to the GPS Connector as shown. This is the only connection that must be made to a specific connector.
Final Step - Connect the Sensors
Connect the wires from all other sensors to any open connectors on the GlassPack Controller board. This completes the primary hardware assembly.